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 The Objective
Most advertising for small businesses does not provide adequate return on investment (ROI) primarily due to set ad rates per click or impression. Moreover, after money is spent on ineffective ads, businesses do not see value or worst don’t get any leads due to lack of engagement. PODBUM® Disruptive Services Inc delivers carefully curated original content as part of our Choice Select package. This increases ROI while cultivating the necessary customer engagement through shared interests. Our key objective in that regard are to:

·    Boost SEO to allow search engines to pick up client’s content
·    Curate client’s original content on schedule on all the socials
·    Track and report on engagement results and adjust strategy for maximum effect

The Opportunity
Ensuring our client’s hard earned dollars are carefully maximized from a social media perspective, PODBUM® Disruptive Services Inc takes our project very seriously and only work with clients that know what they want.
We will not waste our client’s time and will hope our time is not wasted. With that in mind, we will both endeavor to ensure

·    Define the value Proposition on podcast campaign within 1 week of go-live date
·    Integrate campaign themes with podcast episodes and key word SEO
·    Monitor engagement, conversion rates, and key satisfaction metrics for 4 weeks following implementation


I was following up regarding your interest in leveraging Podcasts to promote your business or service. You are your brand and your brand is you. Just for checking out my podcast service, checkout my FREE article jampacked with 5 Reasons Why Niche Podcasting is the new ROI King!

I am available to consult. I will typically call to conduct the interview and do the post-production to get the episode out on Apple Podcasts.

I can send out a schedule for you today if that’s ok? Cost is just $150 per episode. Minimum number of episodes is 10. Plus, your podcast episodes be promoted on Twitter, Apple Podcasts, Facebook and LinkedIn to my 8.5K followers and their connections! Talk about a huge ROI on your ad spend!!

This will get them talking and sharing your service/product thus helping to create an enduring brand awareness!


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