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Speed sometimes can be exhilirating. When it comes to Startups, speed is a double edged sword. Here is why:

Grow too fast, and risk scalability issues. Managing a fast growing enterprise can be a daunting task for the uninitiated. So, how do you grab the bull by the horns while still lacing your boots?

Move too slow, and risk loosing first-to-market competitive advantage. Sure, you will have competitors but wouldn’t it be better to lead rather than follow the pack?


At RuckSackHack Accelerator, we help clear the horizon and provide Entrepreneurs with apex insights into launching, growing and scaling their ideas into sustainable enterprises.

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About this Accelerator

Established in 2016, RuckSackHack digs deep in your ruck to help military veterans and personnel transition with strength. With a wide network and encompassing services, we do our best to leverage resources and connections from within the community for the betterment of our nation’s service personnel. Entrepreneurship is the fabric that connects our Veterans with communities and industries.


►Address challenges faced in launching a Veteran owned business!
►Provide Veterans with coping techniques for managing stress while running a business!
►Collaborate with available strategic business partners while tapping into network of resources to help Veteran bring their business ideas to life!►Our aim is to assist them achieve Investment Readiness Level (IRL) 7 upon completion of our Accelerator Program.